Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Poor Shaeli And Her Idiot Brother.

Remember this days at school sometimes when you just didn’t want to walk out of the house because you felt you looked like a tool!? Well…

I had to look after my sister Shaeli before school today as my mum was away. It was all going along well with no hiccups. Making brekkie and play lunch were no problem until Shaeli mentioned that her hair has to be in pigtail plats because of a head-lice epidemic going around the school. *shit* Ive never tied plats before, I mean theoretically I knew how they were done however the practice was not at all like the theory.
So poor Shaeli had her hair knotted, pulled, frizzed, poorly brushed and generally abused by my inept hair dressing skills. But we did end up with something that looked like something vaguely recognisable as plats.I told her to tell her teacher that her brother had to do her hair and to request that a more qualified person take over and sort it out.

Eug, I was about 10 seconds away from calling your house in the hope that ether yourself Imo or Helen would be able to rebuild the mess I made! Luckily I think it turned out ok, I mean its still shit and Shaeli will grow to resent me in years to come for this day when I made her go to school with crap hair! But they look like they could have once been plats! Similar to the Orks in Tolkins Lord of the Rings. Once beautiful Elves that are now only a disfigured shadow of what they once were, sorry Shaeli, ill make it up to you!!!



Blogger Will said...

And yeah, i know this story has nothing to do with the hapenings of this website. but i thought it would make for a amusing story anyway.

16/11/05 09:29  
Blogger Hooch said...

don't worry Willum, you can post whatever you like.

16/11/05 15:56  
Blogger Erica said...

Hahaha, Will, poor Shaeli...I hope you haven't scarred her for life (both mentally and physically) with your bad hairdressing skills.

16/11/05 20:47  

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