Thursday, December 22, 2005

testing testing, one, two, three...

wooo hoo!
hopefully any moment now, I, trio of Dips Dayna, will be basking in the joyful feeling of being the newest person to appear on the contributors list...

here it goes,
x x (fingers & toes crossed)


Blogger Dee said...

ahhh, its the simlpe things :)

(ha, as others have done it, so will I... My word verification is 'noqible' almost notable... quite fitting really;) )

22/12/05 20:01  
Blogger Will said...

lol "trio of dips"


Cheese Crackers.

24/12/05 15:54  
Blogger Hooch said...

Dee (or should i say, 'Tzatziki')i would prefer to think of 'noqible' as 'no quibble', as in 'don't argue with me, punk!'.

congrats on the joinage to the bloggage.

24/12/05 19:59  
Blogger Hooch said...

oh YEAH!!!! there are now 10 contributors to this page. pretty cool, pretty cool.

my word verification is: xhlumua - hey AJ, how cool would it be (or maybe not, you decide) to play Balderdash with the word verification words (, were there too many 'word's in that last sentence?). well....perhaps it wouldn't work because there's no REAL definition to begin with. but...just a thought anyway.


24/12/05 23:58  
Blogger Will said...

Im pretty sure the shortest complete sentence is “I am”.

but i could be (and most likley am)wrong about that.

my word verfication is 'bcifads'
the only thing i can thnk to turn this into is an anagram.....

BAD FISC (bad fish said with a lisp)

Yeah, i know im scraping the bottom of the barrel.


26/12/05 13:51  

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