Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hi guys. and more imortantly Hooch. I think in my quest to become my own person in this complex world of blogging I've managed to change shit. just found out that the original login didn't work since I'd managed to change it. I've changed it back again though.
hope all is well
explain to me further ho to manage this confusing thing!


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I've arrived at Blog City

Good day to you people who live upside down.
Yes it is I Dave UK from the UK.
Hope your all giving Dayna a nice warm welcolme before reminding her that she has tp go back to work.

Just a quick bit about me:-

about to in 9 days time go to La Plagne France (resort in the Alps) to start a 5 month ski season. Yey!!

And then come June I will be Going to Japan for a year as an Engish teacher. Unlike Bec and Dan I won't have the tefle what ever but unlike Bec I have Degree which they like as she found out over there. I'll be working for a company called Aeon which is one of the largest companys working over there.

mm just to make you feel cool that you live where you do. we have frost in the UK and it's bloody cold out there.

Thats about it for my very frist ever blog. To tell you ther truth I'm a little confused by the blogging world. Took me ages to work out how to be a member but I'm aprehensive as to how this is going to turn out.

Love to all,
And some kisses if you game (girls only)


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thursday 1st December

Thanx guys for a womderful night last week. Thanx to AstroJames, who finally turned up after many weeks of broken promises, we watched 'Look Around You', which was highly hilarious, followed by some Music Jamborree special features.

Apart from new-comer AstroJames, we were joined by such regulars as Beck and Dan, Erica (who made Tiramisu, thanx dudette, it was deliscious!), Will (albeit late, but still cool that you came, dude), Sean and long time gone Rob who is back from WA (pronounced 'wa'). Sorry if I've forgotten anyone, but I'm running out of time, so just squint your eyes really hard and you'll see you name is actually there - see right there! ;)

OK. So this Thurday we're going to do it all again, and guess what guys!!!!! 'What?' I hear you ask. I HAVE SEASONS 1&2 OF YOUNG ONES ON DVD!!!. For less than 16 bucks each! JB you've done it again!

1st Dec
My house
Be there or be a rectangular thingy

Monday, November 21, 2005

Thursday 24th

yes it's on.

my house
be there


tell me if you're coming

GET smart!

Shorley you remember the show...

Maxwell Smart & Agent 99... here's some facts... it would be fun for a DVD night?!

  • The "Cone of Silence" was a dvice that was suppossed to guarantee privacy so that agents could tell each other secrets with no chance of being overheard. Of course, it never worked! It appeared in only nine episodes.
  • Barbara Feldon (99) appeared as a contestant on the "$64,000 Question" quiz show and actually won the entire $64,000! That was a huge sum of money in those days! Her question category was "Shakespeare".
  • Contrary to popular belief, Agent 99's real name is never revealed. In episode #79, "99 Loses CONTROL", she states that her name is Susan Hilton, but at the end of the episode, she tells Maxwell Smart, "Susan isn't my real name."
  • "KAOS" and "CONTROL" are not acronyms. They don't mean anything. Think of it like this: There would be "chaos" in an evil world. A good world is where evil is "controlled."
  • The Chief's first name on the TV show was "Thaddeus". His cover name was "Harold Clark". He had no agent number like "86" or "99" because he became an agent before they assigned numbers.

Episodes include: The Day Smart Turned Chicken, Our Man In Leotards, Double Agent, The Last One In Is A Rotten Spy, Strike While The Agent Is Hot, One Of Our Olives Is Missing, The Groovy Guru, Operation Ridiculous, The Laser Blazer, Tequila Mockingbird and Smartucus... amoungst the 4 series aired between 1965 and '70.

'The umbrella of silence' :)

See you all soon, LOVE Dee x

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Shoni's CD Launch

My friend Shoni from Monash is launching her solo CD:

The Uni Bar on:
Thurday 24th November
3pm onwards.

Unfortunately I cannot go, because I'm working, but if you wanna check her out - and she's pretty cool.....Then hop along, all are welcome.

Not sure whether there'll be a DVD night this week.........probably yes, there will be, but ring me first just in case. I'll try to blog a certain yay or nay post (you know which one means yes) during the week.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Farewell Imo!!!

Just giving you the actual details of tonight (sorry the late notice):

Meeting at The Derby 7.30pm. (It's on the cnr Brunswick St and Alexanra Pde).

I'll be there. hope you are too.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Japan, Here We Come!

Dan and I have jobs in Japan. We leave mid March, so I'll probably miss my graduation and miss out on having a graduation photo in my Nan's 'Hall of Fame', but I'll live.
Here's how it all happened:
Dan emailed a woman at teach International (the company we trained with to get a TESOL cert.)
Woman emailed back a link to a school in Japan
Dan emailed school and mentioned me and my lack of degree
School emailed Dan and said he would not be able to support me on his salary
Some time passed and we gave up hope of hearing fom them again
They eventually emailed back and said if I got a working holiday visa they would employ me too. They asked Daniel to get me to email them my resume. I did that
They sent me a questionnaire to fill out and i sent it back
On Monday there was an email asking if we could be available for a phone interview on tues or wed
We phoned Japan tues evening and had a job offer that night.

The Japanese man I spoke to said they liked that i had child care experience but didn't usually take people without degrees. So I guess being attached to Dan has some benefit!
This guy also said the Japanese impression of Australians is that we are all outgoing and good entertainers. ( I have some work to do before we get there).


Poor Shaeli And Her Idiot Brother.

Remember this days at school sometimes when you just didn’t want to walk out of the house because you felt you looked like a tool!? Well…

I had to look after my sister Shaeli before school today as my mum was away. It was all going along well with no hiccups. Making brekkie and play lunch were no problem until Shaeli mentioned that her hair has to be in pigtail plats because of a head-lice epidemic going around the school. *shit* Ive never tied plats before, I mean theoretically I knew how they were done however the practice was not at all like the theory.
So poor Shaeli had her hair knotted, pulled, frizzed, poorly brushed and generally abused by my inept hair dressing skills. But we did end up with something that looked like something vaguely recognisable as plats.I told her to tell her teacher that her brother had to do her hair and to request that a more qualified person take over and sort it out.

Eug, I was about 10 seconds away from calling your house in the hope that ether yourself Imo or Helen would be able to rebuild the mess I made! Luckily I think it turned out ok, I mean its still shit and Shaeli will grow to resent me in years to come for this day when I made her go to school with crap hair! But they look like they could have once been plats! Similar to the Orks in Tolkins Lord of the Rings. Once beautiful Elves that are now only a disfigured shadow of what they once were, sorry Shaeli, ill make it up to you!!!


Sunday, November 13, 2005

VWC: reliving the vernacula of the '90s

You remember those terms we used to bandy around, that now come up in 80s and 90s movies and just sound oh sooo last millenium? 'radical', 'hip', 'groovie', 'dude', 'cool bananas', 'grouse'....

What are you using now? I find when a friend starts using certain words, I start using them to, and I'm sure, passing them on again to my friends in turn.

At the moment I'm frequently using 'dude', occasionally unearthing 'grouse', while 'cool', 'awesome', 'excellent' have taken up permanent residency in my everyday lexicon.

Other friends are using 'whack' (yes, Sean, i'm talking about you), and 'man' (mainly Shoni, but I'm sure others are as well). I'm sure there are much more out there turns of phrase, let's collect and discuss them all. Who can come up with the worst and whackiest?

Beck, no doubt you remember the cringeworthy days of 'it's all good' (*shudder*).

Friday, November 11, 2005

the archives

ok, I'm sure you've all saved up your favourite pics & things from your years on the net - wanna swap favourites?

How about this one for innovation?Outback hospitality....
- Carl


oh i am blog surfing, and i go and miss home and away. man! oh well, i suppose i've gotta kick the habit sooner or later.

anyhoo, the reason for this blog is to let all you loverly ppl out there know that Thursday 17th November is NOT ON: NO DVD night. this is due to the fact that Imo is having her going away party that night cos she leaves for Viet Nam on the 19th.

Where: somewhere on Brunswick St, i me, i'll definately be going so i can give you the deets when i get them.
When: sometime in the evening...but again a little fuzzy on the details.

so, she actually did give me permission to post this - i'm not just hijacking her party. so if you're up for a night out in the city.....c'mon baby, whatchu waiting for? btw: i probably wont be staying out that late as i think i'm working the next day.

so, pls don't turn up to my house this thurs.....pretty pls.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

One for you, Eug



Friday, November 04, 2005


what, in your opinion, is the best non-comedy movie of all time?

i'm still figuring out what mine is....when i do i'll let you know...


Hi guys,
Thanks to those of you who turned up last night. it was cool to catch up. we ended up watching 'Death to Smoochy', which most of us had seen before (all except Carl, i think), but we all enjoyed (I hope!). AJ - i'm sure you're kicking yourself that you weren't there, cos i know how much you love that movie. (Hooch trivia: i bought the DVD in indonesia before having even watched it because AJ had told me it was so great).

Hope DVD night's don't dwindle now that holidays have started. the whole point of them is so that i don't lose touch with ppl. and seeing as i'm working, i'm still going to need stuctured catching up time.

so that lead me to this:

Yes, there is another DVD night on Thursday on the above date.

my house
bring stuff you wanna watch
bring nibblies if you can (pls)

hope to see you there...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Robot!

Ok im guessing the Batman comic didnt go down so well, so check this out!
Really cool robot dancing, the last guy is awsome!!



Yep. I'll have finished exams and am ready to kick back and party hard (well, actually I'll have worked all day, and will be working Friday too....but now matter....).

DVD night
Starts: 8.30/9pmish
On the menu: Maybe some John Safran's Music Jamborree....Maybe arrested development...Perhaps something completely different.....Bring along anything you think may tickle the collective fancy. (last week we watched The Big Labowski -, enjoyed muchly...thank you Blockbuster Video)
Where: if you don't know that by now, then you're obviously not invited! ;)

Hope to see you there -
Beck and Dan, it's been a while.....hope you are both well.
Carl, hope your promise to attend holds true.....if you bring a Sudhad with you that would also be cool....
Everyone.....please call me to let me know you're coming.