Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hello from the snow

So I know I owe all of you antipidians an apollogy for not writing to you sooner. However skiing most days and working in the evening has it's rewards.
I was just thinking about all the things you guys would be up to now,
Luke will deffinatly be in the cricket pitch sniffering and stroking his new gear.
Dayna will be no doubt feeling very arty indeed playing with props and other very theatreish stuff.
Kelly will be probabbly be being very clever and organised doing kelly stuff. (note I can't remember what kelly actually does)
umm well Will will be strumming harder than ever,
and Hooch will be smiling away sharing little bits of joyness and dvds with her merry bunch. AJ and the rest of the gang will be giving moral support to the Aussie Ringward cause.

As you can tell My general abillity to bull shit hasn't changed and nor has my excentricity. I wiped out on the slopes yesturday hard and as smashed my gogles in. As luck would have it I bought a helmet the day before and that took most of the blow. My Skiings massivly getting better and I'm now doing 180's while going down the piste bothe still on the snow and jumping briefly. However I'm still building up to one off a jump which has the caperbility to seriously make me eat snow.
Life in the Alps is o.k, things are getting better in my chalet as far as getting on with my fellow work mates. I still wish I was in a lower part of town where some younger guys live but who knows what will happen.

mmm this is me saying bye bye
and I'll join the blog soon again for a bullitin of rubbish.
oh, I got a job in Japan with Aeon's children branch, Amity. I'll bbe working in a place called Niigata wich is just north of Tokyo and very near the mountains for skiing!!



Blogger Hooch said...

Dear Dave,

awesome to hear from you. i hope you're as well as you sound.

Aust Day was good. but much hotter (about 40degrees!) than where you were. hope you had a beer for us in the frozen frost of france.

well, catchya later dude,


31/1/06 00:32  

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