Friday, March 31, 2006

Cotton Wool and Camphor

What lengths would you go to, to protect yourself?

Step into the world of Nancy, public servant and writer of anti-terrorism pamphlets. For Nancy, normal life has become a potential battleground, where travelling beyond her front door is not as straight forward as it seems.

Then join Carolina, as she hosts a macabre dinner party, where she and her guests will practice for the end of the world. As the electricity is cut, and the night grows longer, Carolina uncovers a desperate method that may preserve all their lives in the event of a nuclear strike.

Finally meeting Lev, the beating heart who will live in an underground bunker for an eternity.

Cotton Wool and Camphor is an absurd tryptic of gruesome tales, that explore what effect the fear of terrorism has on Australian culture.

Platform Youth Theatre is a youth arts company based in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Since its first production in 1998, Platform has created a niche for itself as a company admired for both its innovative approach and the quality of its work. Cotton Wool and Camphor is a result of a training and mentorship program supported by the Community Partnership Board of the Australia Council for the Arts.

Written and directed by Suze Smith
Performed by young people from Platform
Set by Dayna Morrissey
Video design by Fi Dalwood
Sound design by Ange Cole
Lighting by Suze Smith
Costume by Heather Grant

Venue: Northcote Town Hall | 189 High Street Northcote
Performance Dates: April 4 - 9, 2006
Performance Times: April 4 – 8 @ 8pm; April 9 @ 4pm
Adult $15/Con. $10
Bookings: (03) 8470 8376
Further Information:
*and there is loads of free street parking...


Blogger Erica said...

Awesome Dee! I'll definately be at one of the performances. Does anyone else want to come along? I'm thinking perhaps Thursday night. Let me know!

31/3/06 13:27  
Blogger AJ said...

Cool cool cool.
Saturday the 8th I can't do and Thursday the 6th I was going to see if anyone wanted to go to a public lecture with me (see new post).

Would Friday 7th be good for people??

Dee, I'm quite keen. Please let me know!!

31/3/06 19:26  
Blogger Fanboy said...

Hey, I'm keen. Unfortunately I can't on friday as I will be rehearsing the show I'm in, for which you'll all hear about soon enough. Thursday would be good, Saturday would be good for me too.

1/4/06 14:21  
Blogger Dee said...

ok guys...

so there is some interest, yey!

I'll be at the performance every night as part of the crew, and although it might be tricky to pick ppl up, I'd like to offer anyone & everyone a lift home post performance.. There is a tram stop right outside the Town Hall on High Street, im not sure on tram #'s

Hopefully you guys can get a group togeather, and maybe Thursday night sounds like a goer!!

Remember, I don't know how buisy it will be, hopefully VERY, so please book yourselves in :)

Thanks for you promp and exciting interest xx

2/4/06 00:09  
Blogger Hooch said...

hey, i think thursday is a goer for me too. (so i'll postpone my DVD night till next week (13th)). can't to fri Aj, sorry, but i'm a Wed or Thurs gal. unfortunately that means i'll miss the lecture, but i'm going too much as it is. hope it's great, you'll have to tell me all the highlights.

3/4/06 10:22  
Blogger Hooch said...

that was meant to be going OUT too much as it is........not to mention spending too much time on the internet! ;)

3/4/06 10:23  

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