Friday, September 29, 2006


'hold festivities to mark a happy event' -This saturday night, 30th of sept, I reckon its time.

As many of you would know by now, I recieved news of my successful application into VCA this week, yey!

Any suggestions are welcome, I was thinking about dinner on Brunswick st, then maybe The Night Cat/bar open? It would be a guaranteed good evening, of nice food and good tunes...

I am unsure how many football fans there r amongst us... Unfortunately there will be many on the streets of Melbourne. Something to bare in mind for parking and bogan quantaties. Could any drivers pleaase express intrest..

What do you say, Pease comment- and talk soon x


Blogger Fanboy said...

Hey Dee. Oh yes yes please! Sounds great, I'm definately up for it. I'm always up for the Night Cat, but Bar Open is quite acceptable as well. I must say I am one of the footy fans amongst us, bt that wont matter once the final siren sounds.

Catch ye soon.

29/9/06 12:53  
Blogger Dee said...

Well I think this is proof that onlycoolppl is not working as an organizational tool. What a shame... its the cheepest way I know to get an idea out there, if only ppl looked regularly enough!
Umm I'n not feeling all that chipper anyway, so i'm not sure im up for a big night... I'll call/txt around shortly, to see what ppl r up to... talk soon x

30/9/06 16:45  
Anonymous Hooch said...

hey Dee,

I'm sure we can breath life into Onlycoolppl somehow. It's just that I was at the Cave yesterday, and today at Judes, then had a nap and have only just now turned on the computer. I think perhaps it's just not good for 'day before the event' posts, cos you've gotta give ppl time to check it out.

as for going out tonight: I hope you're feeling better than yesterday. I'm at home tonight working on my thesis (but will gladly drop everything and come out to celebrate if you're feeling up to it - and can drive).

I'll give you a call if I haven't heard from you. xxxmwa

BTW: signed in as hoochq at a typo. I used the 'other' option and just typed my name in; this saves having to log out of blogger when i'm only making a comment, and not a post.

30/9/06 17:26  
Blogger Dee said...

ok, so party at hooch's... bring some dessert, bring a drink or 2 and party on down- 8.30 onwards... hope 2 c u there.

Appologies for my aggrivated comment, busy lives I know xx

30/9/06 17:56  
Anonymous Hooch said...

Had a great (though early) night. Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves. Ended up being Rob, Krish, Dee (obviously), Hooch (again, obviously), Kel and Luke.

We listened to 'Howling Hits' - a Vinyl Imo must have grabbed in a garage sale or op shop. It was so much fun listening to 80s classics such as Weird Al's 'Eat It', Michael Jackson's 'Billy Jean' and Cindy Lauper's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' that we played the record at least twice before switching to Jimi Hendrix's Smash Hits (needless to say, another winner).

After Kel and Luke left, we watched an episode of The Young Ones ('Summer Holiday'), which was thought Gold by some, but considered to have a little too much slapstick 'Mindless Violence' for others.

Then Krish left and we finished off the night falling asleep to The Importance of Being Earnest - the 1952 production which is considered the definitive Earnest (in the same way that the 1992 BBC series of Pride and Prejudice is considered the definitive version).

1/10/06 09:58  

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