Saturday, September 23, 2006

The 'GIVE A CAN A LIFE' campaign

Call out to all who use tinned food from time to time... this is the week for you! I'm trying to locate as many empty tin cans as I can.

To fill you in I'm doing props for another VCA film, this one is based in WW2, and has a shot of soldiers making jam tin can bombs... this is where im calling on the help of all you lovely folk.. If you can save any empty cans, all sizes welcome, some maybe with lids still attatched- I will be forever greatful.

If you have any luck I was hoping that i could do a drive by on Tuesday night to give the ol' can a second chance, before it hits the recycling wheely bin of doom.

Be in touch and talk 2nite at AJ's

Love to you all x


Blogger someone said...

Hey Dee,

We are recycling freaks so I'll get Ross to hold off on any tins if we use anything week, may only be a few tomato cans but it all adds up.

Kel xxx

23/9/06 14:12  
Anonymous Hoochq said...

haha 'drive by' - that's a cool idea.

Sorry, Mum wont let me lend you the rusty ones we have. But will see if we have any others...(hmm...don't think we do...)


24/9/06 20:39  
Blogger Dee said...

Thanks kel & hooch for your promp can sourcing and communications ova the last few days, your help is muchly appriciated x

Hooch... How did you become "Hoochq"?

Pleas take note that the 3 day can seach is now ova.

26/9/06 22:07  
Blogger Dee said...

Is wilsons prom at x-mas still happening?

26/9/06 22:08  

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