Friday, October 20, 2006

Dizzy's- end of another music era

Rent has gone up and a home to melbournes jazz for 7 years is closing. Saturday 21st October, 9pm- last show... Should be amazing... the air will be electric... im quite keen to check this out. Will?
Can you spot them, they r all in there... olly on keys... felix... bass.. drums... we know and love these musicians...
''Pianist Steve Sedergreen, a long-time mentor and teacher, has an ear for talent. JAZZ FESTIVAL JAZZ CAT REUNION May 10 Five years ago, Steve Sedergreen - a long-time teacher and mentor to young musicians - invited nine students from nine high schools to come together as a band under his tutelage. Later that year, he gave the band (the Jazz Cat) a weekly gig at his jazz club, Dizzy's. Sedergreen obviously has a sharp ear for talent: four members of the Jazz Cat went on to form the extraordinarily successful Cat Empire. All four - with special guest Harry Angus, the Cat Empire's charismatic trumpeter and vocalist - were back at Dizzy's on Monday for a terrifically entertaining concert, reuniting the original Jazz Cat crew for the first time in more than two years. Cat Empire founder Felix Riebl (who now shares Empire vocal duties with Angus) remained ensconced in his percussion chair, conjuring up some irresistible Latin and groove-based themes with an impossibly energetic rhythm section, electric guitar and four firing horns. Sedergreen added riffs on electric piano, and Harry Angus leapt on stage to engage Ross Irwin in a kinetic trumpet duel. Angus also stepped up to the mike (on vocals) for Summertime, irreverently prodding Gershwin's classic into a ska-inflected groove with his imaginative, rhythmic scatting.''


Anonymous Hooch said...

awwwwwwww! this looks like it would have been awesome. I can't believe Dizzy's is closing. :(

22/10/06 15:04  
Blogger Dee said...

yes, neither can I, even tho I've only been there a handful of tiimes, all are very fond memories. Dispite this i didn't go on sat night- Erica and I enjoyed her home made chai tea tho!

23/10/06 12:05  

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