Sunday, October 15, 2006

Melbourne International Arts Festival

12-28 October '06
This is exciting! the festival presents something for everone, and everything for someone like me. Please if you get the chance pick up a festival guide they are everywhere, or have a glance at their w'site... Its always more fun when there IS SOMEONE TO GO WITH.

Please comment if you have any time or interest to see performance, visual arts, theatre, dance, spiegeltent, music, cabaret, international companies &/or design confrences.. Student-con. tix $19 /v good!


Anonymous Hooch said...

Spiegltent!!! YAY!!! How long does the Arts Festval go for?? Cos I'd love to go, but don't think I can make it to anything till after the 't' word is due.

16/10/06 11:20  
Blogger Dee said...

Arts festival ends on 28th Oct. But- The Famouse Speigeltent remains in Melbourne till Early Dec... We are very lucky to call melbourne our home.

18/10/06 11:01  
Blogger Erica said...

Whilst surfing the web I came across Our Backyard. It's free, and looks like lots of fun. Especially the free Spiegeltent shows. Let me know if you're interested!

18/10/06 22:49  
Blogger Dee said...

erica- im always up for it! anything, everything just make a date and im there.. this is my future career, im soooo incredably interested.

19/10/06 10:49  
Blogger Dee said...

~Dee's 1st festival review~

Japanese collective Dumb type present - 'Voyage'

This was an hour worth of images, some beautiful, some shocking, and others definatly out of this world.

''Nature and illusion combine with movement and motion, which makes everything appear to float, in a stunning performance that leads us to question where we are and where we may be going.''

A surreal landscape of 3 gigantic white balls, beautifully lit, reflect onto the mirrored floor. Clouds swoosh by a girl astranought speaks, and breaks into 'I wish upon a star..'

trully a surreal journey.. v beautiful.

19/10/06 11:00  
Blogger Dee said...


Design in conversation~
Hosted by the Festivals artistic director, American, Kristy Edmunds, and featuring digital artists from both Dumb Type and Lucy Guerin collaboration, Michaela French. And they had a conversation about their designs, how they get create them, negotiate them and are inspired by them. Really personable. Another tick.

21/10/06 10:39  
Blogger Dee said...

Britain’s Stan’s Cafe gathers the population of the Pacific Rim under one roof for its latest performance installation. ‘Of All The People In All The World: Pacific Rim’ will transform the way you see the world. Using over 33 tonnes of rice – a grain each to represent everyone living on the Pacific Rim – the show brings the statistics of history and everyday life together as tangible and powerful masses. Held in the old meat markets in North Melbourne… it’s an eye opener.

As I entered the instillation, there is a bowl of rice, and a grain is on offer for all who attend… I was never told what to do with this grain, and by the end of viewing the exhibition, It hit me- this one grain that I had just held onto for 20min, represented ME…

21/10/06 10:44  
Blogger Dee said...

4th review~ ‘Structure & Sadness’

The collapse of the West Gate Bridge in 1970 is an event that remains imbedded in the public psyche of Melbourne. Thirty-five men lost their lives when a span came down during its construction. This dance piece bases its unique movement vocabulary on the engineering principles of compression, suspension, torsion and failure.

The set is constructed out of wooden look-a-like playing cards, each meticulously laid and placed to build a breathtakingly beautiful landscape- which inevitably crumbles before our eyes in a massive rumbling crash. The digital lights, theatre lights, and space was just superb- truly inspirational!

21/10/06 16:27  
Blogger Dee said...

'Navigators' review number FIVE~

Who has the compass? We are in uncharted waters.
VCA Melbourne and DasArts Amsterdam have achieved a very successful international collaboration.
''400 years ago a Dutch ship landed on the shores of western Cape York. Now, 23 young artists from 5 continents revisit the area, and present the outcome of 10 weeks of navigating. 2 hours 1 space.''

Multiple performances overlap, tugging for my attention around the space.. I was given the opportunity to navigate my own theatrical experience.
Highlight was, climbing the seating bank, discovering headphones, putting them on, tapping into 2 roving performers, mingling amongst the crowd, navigating and telling their stories, mic. up we got an intimate show- which spanned across a sea of people.
I got a kick out of seeing performers who have come together from Israel, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Australia +. To collaborate, it had an amazing energy, and really is the best example of contemporary performance and use of space I've seen.

26/10/06 13:29  

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