Monday, October 02, 2006

NYE is fast approaching

The night that turns this year new on our calendar lingers~ hence, ticket purchasing and planning has begun...

hooch and i have followed in imo's steps and discovered that pyramid rock festival is the place for us this year, friday 29th '06~ monday 1st '07 @ philip island.(having no luck, it seems, in getting tickets for ANY other festival so far).
check out the line-up @

Kel it'd be really cool to camp and walk at wilsons prom over the break too, let me know if ur still keen, as far as i know no plans have been made yet... we should get a group together, and dates organized.

come on guys, its exciting, the sun is high in the sky, summer is upon us and its festival season xx


Anonymous Hooch said...


2/10/06 16:56  
Blogger someone said...

Hey...looks kind of cool! The are actually bands and DJs I'd love to see. Falls was a kind of 'lets see if I like any of these' but this one is 'hey I'd love to see these'.

Leave it with me for the week and I'll try and figure about whats happening camping wise! But looks you know when the rest of the list will be out?

Kel xxx

2/10/06 19:20  
Blogger Dee said...

If you like the look of the line up so far, and your keen... i'd get tix straight away... but its odd- many of the bands r very falls fest bands, & is the only place I've seen most of them... but don't let that dampen your mood... quick smart no time for *dordling.

I don't know when the rest of the line up will be announced, but is quite often once tix are sold out, and r usually smaller drawcards anyway xx Big smiles for your excitment.

2/10/06 20:39  
Blogger Erica said...

Ooh, this looks kinda fun. It says the tickets are $140, which I think I can afford now that my mega tax return has arrived, but does that include the costs of camping? I don't know if I could do much more than that, as I'm really supposed to be saving, perhaps for a much needed new guitar, or just saving in general until I have some employment. Hmm. I'll have to sit down and make up a budget I think.

4/10/06 09:26  
Blogger Dee said...

We have gone delux.. purchasing the $160+b/f tix, that includes the extra pre festival night of camping. (Totals $170) Camping is inclusive... better hurry, tix won't last- Did u hear me- TICKETS WILL SELL OUT!

E, Screw the budghet... you'll be feeling ontop of the world by NYE- what better way to celebrate than to dance a few nights away under the stars... come on girl!!

4/10/06 18:25  
Blogger Erica said...

Dee, the $160 tix have sold out, but after assessing my budget I'm going to have to decline. I just can't justify the money when I don't know whether I have any employment coming in the next months. Being sick now also doesn't help much.

As much as I hate to I need to be sensible and rational. Whoever invented those anyway?

4/10/06 19:44  
Blogger Dee said...

I understand... Trully I do, I've been lucky enough to get an influx of work this week to increase my $0.00 account balance. Which, incedently, I have pre-spent on festival tix. Owh I'm a sucker.

feel better soon x

4/10/06 20:06  
Blogger Erica said...

Well, thanks to stupid boy issues I've gone and bought myself a ticket. Somehow the $160 tickets are un-sold-out since yesterday, so that's what I went for. My budget is going to regret it, I know, but retail therapy is helpful in situations such as these and at least I'll be able to spend time with wonderful friends over New Year.

5/10/06 08:17  
Anonymous Hooch said...

hazzah - your going to Pyramid!!!

not hazzah - boy issues? hope things are ok. give us a yell if you need a shoulder or a whinge-buddy.


5/10/06 17:11  
Blogger someone said...

Hey Dee,

Think I'm going to give it a miss. Not too sure what's happening holiday wise as yet.

You guys will have fun though! Hooch and'll have to jump in and buy that tix if Erica has already...we know what happened at Falls with half our friends mssing out!

Kel xxx

6/10/06 08:33  
Blogger Angie said...

Hey Guys,

Haven't checked your Blog in ages Eug, so many things listed!

Just thought I would tell you guys are I am going to the Pyramid Festival also!

Good to see you guys will be there too!

Love Ang Xxx

7/10/06 18:01  
Anonymous Hooch said...

Ang - that's awesome. See you there! (and probably before that anyway, but you're a hard woman to catch).

Kel - Dee and I already have tix. Would be great if you changed your mind about coming. It will be such an awesome few days.

8/10/06 15:05  

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