Tuesday, December 05, 2006

'Radicals and Misanthropes'

Here is the info on my upcoming production that I've been designing, it opens this wednesday. Hope you can come along..
Wed to Sat, December 6 – 9 at 8pm. Matinee Saturday Dec 9 at 2pm.
Randall Theatre @ St Martin’s, 44 St Martins Lane, South Yarra.
Tickets $19.50 full, $17.50 concession
Bookings 9252 0760 or email: info@stmartinsyouth.com.au

The world premiere of a passionate and political new work written by four young playwrights, directed by Christian Leavesley (co-founder Uncle Semolina(& friends)). Set and costume ME, lighting Lisa Mibus, Radicals and Misanthropes attacks lies, violence, fear and bullshit head on. No apologies. This production will also feature the 2006 St Martins Performers’ Ensemble—a remarkable group of nineteen emerging young actors.

The result is an episodic play that speaks to our current political climate—one of shifting grounds and single issues—where parties and broad political platforms are a thing of the past. A climate that breeds fear of the other, political racism, selfishness and an inability to deal with our nation’s past with anything less than extremism—extremism of ignorance, extremism of denial.


Blogger someone said...

glad to see someone else using the 'm' word. (time for a misanthropy club??) almost as rare as that haunted phrase 'common good'.

would have loved to come, but will be cooling off in the ocean for the whole running period!


5/12/06 18:07  
Blogger Dee said...

Opening night went swimmingly last night, much fun was had by all. Many positive things were said about the set, lighting and costumes. I am very proud.
The night ended with Ange(theatre) and I eating cake on lygon st... and getting kicked out cause they wanted to close, damn wednesday nights!

7/12/06 11:21  

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