Sunday, February 20, 2005

Yo Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i'm turnin into my Bro

Hooch!!!!!!!!!!! you're greeeat mate!
your post ended up in normal black by the way....:( ahhhhhhhh well. hmmm- can i post my car on here?? tho i know none of you will bye it!!! it's hot! hey- if anyone wants to go see Motorcycle diaries Wed, Thurs or Fri nite....pls lemme know! i'm dying to c it :) PS. that's all i have to say
Big Hug


Blogger someone said...

PPS. sorry Hooch, your post is in green & i am a dope.....

20/2/05 21:11  
Blogger someone said...

PPPS. Some one is me....Jen

20/2/05 21:11  

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