Sunday, March 06, 2005

Aha! I finally worked out how to add myself as a member. Eug - ignore the couple of emails you will probably receive confirming that invitations have been sent.
Hmm, now that I have become a member I have nothing to say. Perhaps I'll just say hello. That always works. Hello!


Blogger Hooch said...

ok.... do get on my name at the bottom of the page, i created a blog with absolutely nothing on it, but i'm still not listed as a contributor for this blog.....please please tell me your secret, so that i, too, may share the wealth that is.......contributor status.

7/3/05 10:18  
Blogger AJ said...

Hey Hooch,

what you need to do is login as onlycoolppl (using that password) and send an email to yourself to "invite" yourself.

Accept this invitation and then sign is as yourself by creating a Blogger account and make up your new password.

When you go to Members in the OnlyCoolPpl blog, make yourself have access to ADMIN, thus you can login as YOURSELF, not ONLYCOOLPPL....

:) clever, eh?

7/3/05 22:11  
Blogger someone said...

well, i figured that out...or so i thought, but it's still not working: i invited myself. then i clicked accept, and then teh 'potential member' thing went balnk, but i got no letter of confirmation sent to my email, and i'm still not on the list of members......?????what is going on??? gosh i don't know.

10/3/05 10:15  

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