Friday, August 26, 2005


To my dear cool ppl,

If you truely are cool, as you so claim to be, then I urge you to prove it by signing this petition. We may still prevail, or at least make an impact. c'mon ppl, this is a democracy goddamnit!

In the next two weeks the Howard Government wants to pass a law that will drastically cut services and representation on our campuses. We need to act now to defend these services: has launched a campaign asking Government Members to block the Voluntary Student Unionism Bill before it becomes a law.

The campaign is based around a national letter of support to the Howard Government MPs and Senators who have expressed concern about the impact of VSU.

This letter is backed up by a TV ad asking Federal MPs to vote against the VSU Bill. The ad is already on the air in Townsville and Lismore.

You can get this ad on air in your local community by signing the letter of support on our website:

When you sign the letter of support you will be asked to nominate your university. GetUp will broadcast our ad on TV in the communities of the metropolitan and regional universities that receive the most nominations.


The GetUp Team

PS. besides, we may get a cool ad that makes the libs look silly
(or...should that be sillier)


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Blogger Halliwell said...

This blog is fantastic.
If you want some really cool ppl on here though help me cause i have no idea what im doing... Eugenie your brother still has my meet the partents dvd..

28/8/05 18:54  
Blogger Hooch said...

Yeah, i just realised it's at our place. i'll get it to you soon.

don't worry it is not gone forever.

btw. thanx for checking out the page finally

29/8/05 19:47  
Blogger Erica said...

Here here on the stopping of VSU. And on the stopping of comment spam!

1/9/05 18:00  

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