Thursday, August 18, 2005

Not Coming Home!

Hey guys,
Firstly, Will you kick butt– Mancester Lane!!! I so wish I could come, dance, nibble on their yummy dips and turkish bread and have a few glasses of wine while cheering you on (silently - dont worry).

Luke read my blog (the first one he he) and said it sounded like we were coming home early! NOOOO WWAAYY we aren’t, I am sorry if I made it sound like we were cause I know you guys are missing us like crazy and kissing photos of us before you go to sleep at night.

Take care in the cold Land Down Under!

And I promise Eug I wont take up too much more of this space!

Love ya all! Kel xxx


Blogger Hooch said...

feel free to take up as much space as you like. it's really cool to see the blog being used. i wish it has been up when i was OS.

20/8/05 12:57  

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