Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Kel in London

I am currently in a slightly off mood and its all because of a tin of tuna! I brought a plain roll and tin of tuna for lunch (one that has a pull ring)...well that pull ring fell off and because I work for a tight arse London Council their can openers are all rusted and wouldn't open the tin. I had a plain roll for lunch - yummy! While it annoyed me I can very much see the funny side of this!

Having the time of my life - never want this feeling to end. We will be back home sooner than you and I know it but Luke and I both know this will not be our final trip overseas - the bug is very contagious! Going to Dave's this weekend - Im hanging to get out of the city. I have had "dry eyes" and they say it will be because of the polution! YUCK!!!

Keep writing, love all your emails!!!!


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