Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hello All!


Hello All

Just thought I would write a quick 'Blog'. Hope all is well down under, unfortunately I will not be able to attend your DVD night Hooch....

Things here have been very hectic! Started work this week as a 'Graduate Analysis' for Mellon Financial really interesting and am really looking forward to seeing where is goes.

Kellie and I haven't had much of a chance to do much touristy things of late, this weekend we are going to watch the ashes test from lords so that should be great fun, over the next few weekends we will be going to Cambridge, Oxford, Leads Castle and all other destinations outside of London.

As you all know this place is so full of history, for example my office is right next to St Paul’s Cathedral (1500 AD) but al it is next to a site that was founded by the Priory of St Paul in 1200 AD...there are grave stones and all sorts of bits and bobs in the small square...I have lunch outside and walk the sounding street and just lap up the history!

Anyway must be off, will 'Blog' and email soon. Hope all is well down there and looking forward to receiving nice emails from people!

All the best



Blogger AJ said...

Hey Luke,
Thanks for your 'blog'.
Great to hear from you. London likes like an awesome place...

Good 'blogging'. :)

22/7/05 21:03  

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