Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hello all

On the announcement of their engagement! Well done guys that’s awesome.
Thursday sounds good Eug however I wont be there til late as Im playing in the city to about 9pm.

Would you like me to bring garden state? (I finally got around to seeing it by the way, great movie). Speaking of movies (and making them) a friend of mine who is a film student is airing his movie on C31 on Saturday 9th of July on ‘the short film show”. Unfortunately he hasn’t given me a time yet but it’s a good film and is being shown along with several other great short films done by Melbourne directors. Nicks film is called ‘Over the Hill’ and it’s a pretty funny short film. for details.

I hope everyone who is still studying is going well and the end is in sight, I finished yesterday!see you Thursday.



Blogger Hooch said...

hey will,

just hyperlinked "the short film show" so now all you have to do is click on it. hope you don't mind.

19/6/05 19:28  

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