Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yes thursday!!!

hey all,

just a quickie to remind you that thursday (2nd June) is still on. i would be really cool to see a couple of you. no idea what we're gonna whatch. it could be anything from Pride and Prejudice, or Kath and Kim, to the Young Ones or Black Adder (or even the Family Guy - hint hint, dean if you're reading this :P ).

even if you're not up for a video....it would still be really cool to see you if you wanted to pop in quickly.

8:30pm, my house.....2nd June. be there or be a a polygon with four equal sides and equal angles!


Blogger someone said...

What about Garden state? ive got that on DVD?
Cheers, Will

31/5/05 20:49  
Blogger Hooch said...

whoa! that is one cool movie. i've been begging James to see it. that sounds really cool, but i'm not sure if there'll be time for a movie. (yeah yeah, i know it always goes late anyway...but i do have uni the next day at 9am). bring it anyway and we'll see.

31/5/05 22:15  

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