Friday, May 06, 2005


Hello all.
for those of you not aware the Umbria jazz festival has started. The UFJ has been running for around 30 years as a massive celebration of jazz in Italy and for the first time has come to Melbourne to form part of the Melbourne international jazz festival. The festival presents the absolute cream of the crop in terms of jazz music in the world. Ill be seeing as many show as i can from John Scofield, Wayne Shorter, John Pattiaucci. to the best the Melbourne jazz scene has to offer. the UJF runs fro yesterday (the 5th) until the 15th of may.
if you wanna see world class jazz musos doing there thing, the next two weeks are the best time for a long time to do it. tix range from $100 for premo shows, however most shows are between $10-$30. and there are heaps of free shows. if anyone is interested on checking out some shows let me know.
Ill most likely be checking out Giovani Tommaso (masterful Italian Double bass player/composer) this coming Tuesday at midnight in the city (tix are free but I think you have to book because it’s a small venue). There are heaps of free and cheap shows on everywhere at all times of the day I know this post is reading like a marketing campaign but seriously something like this, with this many international acts in one place wont happen again for a while…….in the words of the great Molly, do yourself a favour!


Blogger Hooch said...

my organsational capacity is nil at the mo, but if you organise it, i'll be there. sounds great.


14/5/05 12:39  

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