Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hello all

Hi everyone,
Naomi here, finally remebered to post. Damn, I missed the John Safran series and I've had the pleasure of seeing John versus Bob already. But if there's regular Kath and Kim nights on, I'll be up for the next one. I can also bring my Buffy DVDs along - season one thru 6. And Xena, but I'll understand if no one else takes that one up *grin* Also have Simpsons seasons 1 - 4 and various assorted bad horror movies.
Anyways, will make it to the next video night - if I'm not too late!


Blogger Hooch said...

very cool to hear from you dude,
look forward to seeing you on thursday if you can make it. Xena DVDs are always welcome. (well i think they are, even if other ppl don't).

18/4/05 16:11  

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