Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Things on my to do list...

Hey all,

this is just a note to throw a few ideas around and say hi.


now, the ideas: i was wondering if anyone is interested in having video nights at my place? i was thinking weekly, at about 8pm, somewhat resembling buffy nights but more flexible. thursday, or maybe tuesday is good for me. first up i have John Safran vs God - please comment yay or nay or give me some suggestions. I'm not available this thursday. hopefully we can start by next week - tell me if you're available. i'll try to do a ring around before hand. and of course it'll only go ahead if ppl are interested.

well, i hope everyone is well. sorry i haven't got around to catching up properly...start of uni and all (yeah right hooch, third week in, you'd think you'd be into the swing of it by now!!)

hopefully i'll see you all soon - albeit in dribs and drabs.

xxoo hooch.

PS. Beck - i'm going to try to make it to the accessory gig at the pony on wed. - i'll try to give you a call tonight.



Blogger someone said...

Hi Eug
Im keen keep me posed when, i usually rehurse Tues and Wedns nights.
hope everyone is doing well

16/3/05 00:49  

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