Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Success

well, just giving you the update on thursday night:
we all had heaps of fun, and a turn out of about 10 ppl: Jen, Dayna, Dave (UK, otherwise known as DUK (pronounced Duck), or DaveUK), Rob, Will, Luke, Beck, Dan, Erica and Erin.
The low down: we watched episodes 4 and 5.

The secret (well not really very secret) Low Down: after some of the guys left, we watched an episode of Kath and Kim to integrate Dave into the "Ozzie spirit" shceme of things.

a great night was had by me, and hopefully by all.

next week: same time, same station....we'll be starting with episode 6.

PS.thought for the day: why is it that "low down", and "up date" employ opposit prepositions and yet infer similar meanings


Blogger AJ said...

It's kind of like to fill in/out a survey...

Do you fill it IN or do you full it OUT? Which is of course most distressing if you have obsessive-compulsive and have to draw INSIDE the lines....

4/4/05 19:00  
Blogger Hooch said...

indeed...if it were a 'tick the box' and your OCD meant you only went outside the'd be in trouble.

13/4/05 10:26  
Blogger AJ said...


14/4/05 20:46  

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