Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hey, am i the only one who checks/posts on this thing?!!!

well well well, it's quite a disappointment to come onto this site only to read what one has written one's self! c'mon guys - post me some juicy gossip or something!

but more to the point: last thurs was cool, athough we had a few unexpected absentees - Beck, Dan, and Rob - all of whom had made all the previous nights (if any of you guys actually told me you weren't coming, then i take it all back, and i'm just a forgetful old muppet!).
we watched episdodes 6 and 7, and we had a new addition to the group - Dean, my philosophical friend from uni.

this leaves one more episode to go: episode 8: John Safran vs The exorcist - the most talked about and controversial episode of the whole series. (cough cough - not to be missed! - cough cough) this thursday (yes, i know it's tomorrow, sorry again for the late notice). At 8.30pmish

so i put it to all you crazy crazy fans out there (and anyone else who is even slightly interested, or who just wants to come, hangout and catch up (yet again with the prepositions AJ!). come one come all....i hope to see you there.

PS. we will also be voting/deciding-in-some-other-non-democratic-way on what so watch next week - so if you want to have your say, come along. on the table so far are: John Safran's Musical Jamboree, Pride and Prejudice, the Young Ones......if you have anything you'd like to add to the list, make a comment...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, see you very soon chicken.. we'll be there on time this week.
Love you lots Dee xx

14/4/05 19:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah, John Safran totally fucking rules man, it's like so totally controvertial man and yet so well Aussie it's like totally unreal.

I'm like, Stoaked.

thanks for everything

hope you like orange, favourite colour at the mo.



14/4/05 20:02  

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