Saturday, May 07, 2005


thanx one and all for a most excellent adventure on friday night. i had a ball, though there were a few ppl who i didn't get to catch up with as much as i would have liked. - oh well, i'll just have to do it all again some time!!!

i hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

this is also just an update on the whole DVD night thing:
last thurs (5th May), it was a cozy night with Beck, Dan and myself. we didn't end up watching Kath and Kim, we watched John Safran VS the Exorcist instead, because they were unable to attend the showing at my house a few weeks before. we enjoyed the evening, and consumed the greater part of a very delicious Cadbury milktray (*how's that for (not so) subliminal advertising!*).

so this thursday we will resume Kath and Kim - i think we're up to episode 4.

see you there...


Blogger Erica said...

Hooray, I've quit my restaurant job now, and I'll be able to come! Well, I didn't officially quit, I've just stopped turning up to shifts. They'll get the message. They were just too dodgy - runners don't even get a share of tips! So now my Thursday nights are free for lots of DVD fun :)

9/5/05 00:33  

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