Monday, July 04, 2005

Thursday 7th July

HI guys,

sorry i haven't posted in a while.

Latest News: Kel and Luke are on the plane, flying over to England as i type this message: hi guys, if you're reading this!

Yes, there is a DVD night this thurs. (and there was last thurs too, we had Carl, his friend Anthony, Naomi (hope you can come this week too, chicken!), and Dean came , and Will also popped in for a bit....but went off to LAN - insert appropriate computer-geek noise here!). we ended up watching a variety of things.....from Young the Family Guy...and even watched the "darkomentary" from the director's cut of Donnie Darko (but, Darryl Donaldson doesn't sound anything like a super hero!). oh yeah, and we also dabbled our metaphoric toes into the world of anime with gnome's "hellsing" (not the van helsing movie...but a derivation from the same comic.......rife with vampires, et cetera). imo and i spent the hours leading up to the night cutting up firewood, so we had an open fire, which added to the atmosphere somewhat....and added to the smokey stench afterwards which we have been enduring all week.

this week.....who knows... you are invited to bring along anything you enjoy.........some of the things i've got on offer are: Kath & Kim, Black Adder..and various movies. as i'm on holidays, we can party to the wee hours of the morning if you so wish.

hope to see all of you - my pals and accomplices.

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Blogger Hooch said...

hey guys, just a request. could you please ring me to let me know if you are coming thurs. and also it would be really cool if you could bring a packet of chips or something to nibble on.


6/7/05 18:58  

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