Sunday, June 19, 2005

Thursday 23rd June

Yep, thursday's on again this week coming. i'll be free of exams and looking forward to a nice relaxing catch up with friends.

8:30pm, My house, be there.

As for last thursday, we had Carl, Beck, Dan, Imo (though she was off in her room studying hard for a lot of the night), Me (an essential ingredient), and Will came later on.
BUT: not a DVD in sight. we ended up just hanging around and chatting and stuff, didn't even make it upstairs to the lounge room. For the x-rated details of our conversation/reading/stuff, you'll just have to stay tuned, as i'm not sure i'm at liberty to divulge such things until we're registered with net-nanny!! aren't you just dying to know more?!?!

but it proved to be a fun night.....

so this thursday i'm looking forward to seeing anyone who wants in. bring DVDs or anything else you fancy. Carl suggested an audio tape night of Hitch Hiker's Guide or something, and i've gt the Goon Show, so who knows what will eventuate.

PS. it would be really good if you could let me know who's coming, just so i can keep things semi organised. Thanx.

PPS. AJ will you/Sim be attending on thurs? you should be back from Tassie by then, no? well, speak soon....byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)


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