Sunday, July 10, 2005

greetings and salutations

hello all,
After eug's heartfelt plea for posts, I felt too guilty not to. (see? It worked, hooch!)
I shall definitely be at the next one, with nibblies in hand and john safran DVDs to return - I've been watching them and disturbing the neighbours with howls of laughter.
Also, check out - beautiful and complex :)

Cheers all and till next thrursday


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Hooch...and other cool people. Its from London!

The Weather is great and the city is an amazing place! I need to know how to use this fan dangeled blog...can you please email me an invite to start posting.

Looking forward to sending you a gib group email soon.

All the best


15/7/05 20:54  

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