Sunday, July 10, 2005

Thursday 14th July

So, her we are again at number three Tree St. Bangers and mash aren't home today.......

honestly guys, no wonder people divulge their deepest darkest secrets on their's as though no one is watching.....or at least it is on this blog......

I'm begging you for the umpteenth time: post post post!....or at least comment comment comment!

Hello Luke and Kel if you're reading this. feel free to give a communal update of your adventures on here.

so, now, down to business: yes, this thurs 14th July there's a DVD night. please ring to let me know if you're coming, so that i can be a smidgeon more organised than usual. also, it's starting at 9pm (even though no one rocks up till then anyway
mutter mutter mutter)

Last week we had a cosy group, we sat around the fire and watched Zoolander, which is always quality viewing.

hope to see you this thurs. if you could bring some form of nibblature (nibbles), whatever's lying around the house will do, nothing fancy.

See you then.


Blogger Hooch said...

how cool is this add a picture thingy!

10/7/05 18:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture thing, LOVE it! I still havn't sat down and org. how to add my name at the end of a post!?! Hmmm.

Also love being in Ringwood for DVD night it's a wonderful way to start the weekend... Yeah i'll be there.

The home made brownies went down a treat last week i'll see what I can muster up for this week.

See you all at the fab 29 Pinewood Av thursday night bash.

Dee x

12/7/05 21:52  
Blogger Hooch said...


15/7/05 18:29  

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