Friday, July 29, 2005

thurs just gone

gees guys....oops....sorry,

i could have sworn i already put a post up for 28th Jul. but i just had a look on here, and evidently i didn't.

sorry sorry sorry.

lucky for me (assuming that you all knew it was on, even though it wasn't on here) Crazy Carl rocked up anyway... bringing along my friend Sud, known by some to be the funniest man of all time. Erica called to check, and so she rocked up too, and Will popped in a little later still.

fun night was had by all. the viewing included the last episode of Kath and Kim series 2 (the one with all the flash backs and Kim has the baby at the end), followed by Fat Pizza the movie - off at which we all laughed our arses (never and a sentence with a preposition!!!).

Gnome, i really wish you could have come. sorry, i didn't read your message till tonight (~1.30am Fri morning)... hopefully see you next week.

Beck, sorry if you thought it wasn't on because of the lack of postage.
well, just to get in early: next week is on, unless you hear otherwise.

Aug 4th, 8.30, my house...

till then, farewell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


2/8/05 12:59  
Blogger Hooch said...

who is this, anonymous?

3/8/05 20:04  
Blogger AJ said...

YOu said "never and a sentence with a preposition!!!)."...

don't you mean "A preposition should never be used to end a sentence WITH"? :)

5/8/05 14:58  

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