Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Best Chair.....

Sitting here at 12:27 pm (21:27 Melbourne time) at work and during my lunch break listing the bells of St Paul’s Cathedral in the background. I have decided that without doubt that I am currently sitting on the best and most fantastic chair I have ever sat on.

I know this is a big call...but it has some merit.

Think of a normal office chair, even the fancy ones have only 3 real functions. Up/Down, Back support forward or back and a swivel.
Now don't get me wrong this is good... but it really doesn't compare with the chair I am currently sitting on.

My Chair is an office chair, that has been designed no...engineered to perfection. I say with all honestly I have found a button to push or a leaver to pull every day I have been at the office... for the record I have been here 7 days.

This chair has so many function I can't mention them, but some cool one are, a sliding seat base (i.e. your car seat) adjustable height on ever arm and leg...with the aid of really cool hydraulic buttons. Lumber, food and upper back supports, each with there own gauge. As well as many others which I do not have the technical knowledge to describe. Also it has a coat hanger on that folds out of the rear of the unit.

I think that from now on, every chair I sit on will be a let down.....

Hope all is good . The Weather is crappy at the moment. Kellie and I are planning a trip to either Spain for the la tomatina festival (massive food fight that takes over a town). Or a 3 day trek around Wales. We haven’t decided which one to do yet!

All the best



Blogger Erica said...

That's one fandangled sounding chair - I'm very jealous on my dodgy desk chair.

Is there a DVD night tonight Eug, if so I'll be there, but I shall perhaps call you to find out for sure!

28/7/05 13:27  
Blogger AJ said...

can you go to work early and take a photo of the chair please? Or if not, ask a colleague what make/model/brand it is, so we can all look it up online and bathe in its splendour?

28/7/05 17:56  
Blogger someone said...

Of course I can AJ...I will take many shots displaying its many functions and features. You will be amazed.


28/7/05 18:08  

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