Thursday, July 21, 2005

gnu metal vs nu-metal

Um, I just wrote the title to provoke a debate. Possibly.
Anyways, just to let you know Hooch, I can't make it this thursday - I'm heading off to sunny Nagambie for dog trials - no, we don't put them on the stand and cross examine them ("is this your squeaky bone? Can you explain how it came to be under my bed?"), we just try to get them to retrieve fake ducks over rivers and through bracken and so forth. As its winter, they may be understandably reluctant on the water retrieves. It will be nice to be away from melbourne.
So, I'll be there next time - AJ, wasn't there a promised futurama night? :)


Blogger Hooch said...

hey gnome,
i hope your have a great time at the dog trials. look forward to seeing you at the next DVD night. (Beatrix like the sun-dried tomato dip you brought last time.

22/7/05 13:51  

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