Monday, August 08, 2005

Monash Philosophy Video Night (no DVD night)

Hey guys,

Just letting you know that the DVD night is not on this thurs, so why don't you come on down to Monash University instead and watch "I Heart Huckabees". Monash Philosophy society is hosting a video night (see details below). I will be there, as will Dean, probably Carl, maybe Erica, and hopefully some more of the DVD-night gang. (yes gnome, this includes you :) ).

'I Heart Huckabees'

Venue: Wholefoods (upstairs Campus Centre)

When: Thursday 11th August, 6pm (for pizza) 7pm (movie)

Ticket Price: $4 members, $5 non-members

Pizza: Gold Coin Donation

Would be cool to see you there. Please con't rock up at my house, as I will not be there....



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Erica said...

Ugh, spam comments, how annoying.

I shall endeavour to get myself along to Monash tonight Eug - I'll try to get a hold of you to see if you'd like to share driving, cos taking two cars is pretty pointless.

If anyone else would like to come and wants a lift, give me a call :)

11/8/05 15:57  

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