Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I'm going to the Charlie Chaplin Double feature at the Astor. please come, it would be hella cool to make a night of it.

  • Astor Theatre (corner of Princes Hwy and Chaple St)
  • Starts 7.30pm (but I'm getting there between 6/6.30 - tix will sell out fast)
  • Friday 2nd Sept.

give me a call if you're coming. so far it's Dee and me and a couple of my uni friends.

hope you can come.


Blogger AJ said...

Hey other cool people.

Hooch I'm really glad you got the LINKS section to work. Is it what you wanted/expected?

See you soon!

31/8/05 20:44  
Blogger Hooch said...

dear Aj,
thanx for your help re: the links thing.

hope you're doing well.
are you coming to the astor? i'll give you a call tonight and do the hard sell.

1/9/05 17:03  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"love ya work!"............."wow such good advice!" ............."I feel that way too!!!", and other generic lame comments.
i just love wasting peoples time and invading their sites with my pointless shit!!

yours truly,
some cunt :)

1/9/05 17:33  
Blogger Hooch said...

Dear spammer of the above comment,

you are the only person whom i would allow to post least you are entertained albeit by way of smut and potty mouthed language.

1/9/05 18:56  

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