Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Monash Philosophy - Movie night.

Hey guys, i'm probably going to Look Both Ways, but can't make it to Waking Life. why don't you have a chat amongst yourselves (comment comment comment) and orgynise [sic] a cool night out. would be really cool to see you there.

Classic have generously provided HALF PRICE tickets to the fantastic new
Australian film 'Look Both Ways'. Come along to Classic this Wednesday to
see this unique film, followed by coffee and discussion at a nearby cafe.
Friends welcome.

When: Wednesday 14th September 6.45pm for a 7pm start
Where: 9 Gordon St Elsternwick
Price: $7.00 (ie. half an adult ticket. Available to members and guests)

“Look Both Ways is always intelligent, perceptively observed and deeply
felt. It’s a rare film that’s so unafraid to ask the biggest of big
questions – and ask them so entertainingly.”
- Michael Adams, Empire

“An intelligent and moving contemplation about mortality, fate and
- Jim Schembri, The Age

Join us once again for pizza and see the acclaimed philosophical film
'Waking Life'. Come along to meet other members or bring a friend. All
those who attend will have the chance to win a $30 voucher kindly donated
by Readings Bookshop. http://www.readings.com.au

When: Wednesday 21st September, 6pm for Pizza 7pm Movie
Where: Wholefoods, Campus Centre
Price: $4 members/$5 non-members (Pizza by Gold Coin Donation)
Tickets sold Mon 19th - Wed 21st, 12-2pm outside the Menzies, also
available at the door.

'Waking Life'
A man in a dream state encounters many characters who, one by one, talk
about their views on the meaning, perception, and reality of human

"Waking Life is a living breathing painting of sorts, and the closest you
might ever get to dreaming with your eyes open. It is quite literally
poetry in motion, fun, and Richard Linklater's best film to date.
It'll do your head in. 5 Stars."
- Megan Spencer, Triple J Reviews


Blogger Hooch said...

Went to Look Both Ways. highly recommend it. the end was a bit cheesy...but a little bit of cheese makes the world go 'round, i reckon.

btw: does anyone know how you can indicate on the blog that a new comment has been posted?

...chances are no one will reply to this anyway, as it's a relatively old post and due to the lack of said flagging technology, this comment will just filter down into the non-read ether that is 'comments on old posts'.

i have a niggling feeling i could have phrased that a little more poetically, but oh well............

one does tend to prattle on to one's self doesn't one?


16/9/05 17:59  

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