Sunday, November 13, 2005

VWC: reliving the vernacula of the '90s

You remember those terms we used to bandy around, that now come up in 80s and 90s movies and just sound oh sooo last millenium? 'radical', 'hip', 'groovie', 'dude', 'cool bananas', 'grouse'....

What are you using now? I find when a friend starts using certain words, I start using them to, and I'm sure, passing them on again to my friends in turn.

At the moment I'm frequently using 'dude', occasionally unearthing 'grouse', while 'cool', 'awesome', 'excellent' have taken up permanent residency in my everyday lexicon.

Other friends are using 'whack' (yes, Sean, i'm talking about you), and 'man' (mainly Shoni, but I'm sure others are as well). I'm sure there are much more out there turns of phrase, let's collect and discuss them all. Who can come up with the worst and whackiest?

Beck, no doubt you remember the cringeworthy days of 'it's all good' (*shudder*).


Blogger Erica said...

My friends and I had some TERRIBLE slang in about year 9. This included:

Berm - a word that could be used as a substitution for many nouns. As in "you dumb berm!" "bit'a berms for you last night (a bit of pashing for you last night)!"

S'off/K'off/'off (the "off" part of each world pronounced "arf") - piss off/fuck off/just generally go away.

Bit good! - your general term for anything good/awesome/groovy/gnarly/etc.

Ya mum - used as an annoying response to just about any question.
"How are you today?" "Ya mum"
"Can I borrow your pen?" "Ya mum can borrow my pen!"
"Do we have a maths test tomorrow?" "Ya mum!"

Flat Tyre - the term for when someone walks behind you, and times stepping on the back of your shoe so that it comes off when you lift your foot

Pit stop - if you have to stop and fix your shoe because of a flat tyre

Hold ya books! - yelled out by an annoying boy who would come up behind you and knock your books out of your hands. I was very prone to "hold ya books" attacks, because of my combined uncoordinatedness and nerdiness.

14/11/05 14:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a 'Ya Mum'epidemic at our school also. most by a particularly anoying little repulsive half rat half troll humanoid thing.

......but its all good. hehe


14/11/05 17:50  
Blogger Will said...

who can forget such classics as

-Shit hot!
-off the planet!

eg, "Wicked, thats shit hot, totaly off the planet!"

i mostaly wrote this post to check if my freshly made blogger profile actually works.

15/11/05 16:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, something completely random and off the topic to the blog, but its very important news and i couldn't be bothered calling u hooch, but if u haven't heard, they cancelled arrested development halfway thru the current runnning 3rd season. they're not going to make anymore.

*Please feel free to delete this comment as its got nothing to do with the topic.*

you can guess who it is

15/11/05 23:43  
Blogger Will said...

Thats unbelievable!!!
That show won somthing stupid like 6 emmys in its first season! its a DVD cash cow. after one season it alerday has a massive cult following!

first GMA and now this, what is the world coming to!

but seriously thats relly shit because its a great show.

16/11/05 08:57  
Blogger Hooch said...

being able to guess who it is....hmm.......Dave? or maybe Beck?...Andrew? James? Sean?.......well, if it's not one of the above ppl then i don't know......a clue please?

16/11/05 15:52  
Blogger Hooch said...

oh, it was of you to post. yes you are welcome to post about anything, you don't have to stick to the topic.

20/11/05 22:03  

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