Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hellloooooo Australia

Hi to all you cool people... im off to spain today! (Not evey day one can say that)

Its loads of fun travelling... london is hmmmmm, a capital city in respect to the pace that everything moves... including busses, taxies, bikes and ppl...basically life! Today its raining, but we have been so lucky with the weather. Sight seeing has been lots of fun Galleries, museums and an array of 'old' things, inc. Tower of London, and Cambridge University.....

hope to hear from you soon

All my LOVE Dee x


Blogger Hooch said...

Awesome to see a post on the blog. i hope spain lives up to and beyond all your expectations.

say hi to trish.

...i'll send you a proper email after i've done Linguistics exam.

love, hugs,

16/9/05 17:54  

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