Monday, November 21, 2005

GET smart!

Shorley you remember the show...

Maxwell Smart & Agent 99... here's some facts... it would be fun for a DVD night?!

  • The "Cone of Silence" was a dvice that was suppossed to guarantee privacy so that agents could tell each other secrets with no chance of being overheard. Of course, it never worked! It appeared in only nine episodes.
  • Barbara Feldon (99) appeared as a contestant on the "$64,000 Question" quiz show and actually won the entire $64,000! That was a huge sum of money in those days! Her question category was "Shakespeare".
  • Contrary to popular belief, Agent 99's real name is never revealed. In episode #79, "99 Loses CONTROL", she states that her name is Susan Hilton, but at the end of the episode, she tells Maxwell Smart, "Susan isn't my real name."
  • "KAOS" and "CONTROL" are not acronyms. They don't mean anything. Think of it like this: There would be "chaos" in an evil world. A good world is where evil is "controlled."
  • The Chief's first name on the TV show was "Thaddeus". His cover name was "Harold Clark". He had no agent number like "86" or "99" because he became an agent before they assigned numbers.

Episodes include: The Day Smart Turned Chicken, Our Man In Leotards, Double Agent, The Last One In Is A Rotten Spy, Strike While The Agent Is Hot, One Of Our Olives Is Missing, The Groovy Guru, Operation Ridiculous, The Laser Blazer, Tequila Mockingbird and Smartucus... amoungst the 4 series aired between 1965 and '70.

'The umbrella of silence' :)

See you all soon, LOVE Dee x


Blogger Hooch said...

Dee.........I didn't know you were a Get Smart fan..............was that really you posting, or just someone using you're name?.................

22/11/05 22:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was really me!!............... Does asnyone else sign off as 'LOVE Dee x'?............ Just all of a sudden my brain remembered the show ;)

See you soon x

22/11/05 23:37  
Blogger AJ said...

Dee, that's fantastic!!!!! Great post!!! See you soon!!!! :) :)

"Missed it by THAT MUCH"

23/11/05 08:30  
Blogger Erica said...

Get Smart would be an awesome DVD night! I used to adore the Get Smart marathons they'd play on the weekend.

(A Christmas Cave ad just came on the television - I'm thinking of you Eug and feeling for you :()

23/11/05 13:37  

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