Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Japan, Here We Come!

Dan and I have jobs in Japan. We leave mid March, so I'll probably miss my graduation and miss out on having a graduation photo in my Nan's 'Hall of Fame', but I'll live.
Here's how it all happened:
Dan emailed a woman at teach International (the company we trained with to get a TESOL cert.)
Woman emailed back a link to a school in Japan
Dan emailed school and mentioned me and my lack of degree
School emailed Dan and said he would not be able to support me on his salary
Some time passed and we gave up hope of hearing fom them again
They eventually emailed back and said if I got a working holiday visa they would employ me too. They asked Daniel to get me to email them my resume. I did that
They sent me a questionnaire to fill out and i sent it back
On Monday there was an email asking if we could be available for a phone interview on tues or wed
We phoned Japan tues evening and had a job offer that night.

The Japanese man I spoke to said they liked that i had child care experience but didn't usually take people without degrees. So I guess being attached to Dan has some benefit!
This guy also said the Japanese impression of Australians is that we are all outgoing and good entertainers. ( I have some work to do before we get there).



Blogger AJ said...

Beck (and Dan)!,

That's great news, congratulations.
How long will you be in Japan for?

Still set for a '007 wedding?
I bet Patch is...

16/11/05 19:19  
Blogger Hooch said...

Beck, that's so AWESOME!!!! Even I'm excited and I'm not even going.

look forward to catching up on all the goss.

17/11/05 07:17  

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