Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thursday 1st December

Thanx guys for a womderful night last week. Thanx to AstroJames, who finally turned up after many weeks of broken promises, we watched 'Look Around You', which was highly hilarious, followed by some Music Jamborree special features.

Apart from new-comer AstroJames, we were joined by such regulars as Beck and Dan, Erica (who made Tiramisu, thanx dudette, it was deliscious!), Will (albeit late, but still cool that you came, dude), Sean and long time gone Rob who is back from WA (pronounced 'wa'). Sorry if I've forgotten anyone, but I'm running out of time, so just squint your eyes really hard and you'll see you name is actually there - see right there! ;)

OK. So this Thurday we're going to do it all again, and guess what guys!!!!! 'What?' I hear you ask. I HAVE SEASONS 1&2 OF YOUNG ONES ON DVD!!!. For less than 16 bucks each! JB you've done it again!

1st Dec
My house
Be there or be a rectangular thingy


Blogger Hooch said...

oh yeah, and there's a Heart of Philosophy Cafe at Murmer Cafe (Warburton Lane) on Wed 30th which I'm planning on going to, so ring me (on Imo's mobile) if you're interested in going to that.

29/11/05 19:51  
Blogger Erica said...

"Heart of Philosophy Cafe" - what exactly is one of those?

30/11/05 13:13  
Blogger Hooch said...

one of those - (*thinks*perhaps this is a useless comment, i wonder if she'll check this far down) - is a gathering of people who listen to a speaker on a particular topic (philosophically realated, of course) and then there is a break, followed by question/discussion time.

9/12/05 16:21  

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