Monday, September 26, 2005

Return of the DVD night!!!! - Thurs 29th Sept

This time it's for real, guys. we're really going to kick some DVD butt (figuratively).

There has been rumour (spread my me, only me, and so far supported by no one else but me) that the cult classic 'Dandenong's Creek: Seasons'* and it's smash hit sequal 'Awakenings'* may be screening.

Where: my house
When: 29th Sept, 8.30pm.
Why: because I gotta!

hope to see you there.

yes, that's right - you!

*available only in VHS; for a personal copy, contact your nearest Hooch.


Blogger Erica said...

If Dandenongs is screening then I'm definately there!

26/9/05 19:37  
Blogger Hooch said...

Glad to have you on board. it's holidays, so hopefully that means a late and fun night for all ;P

26/9/05 20:42  
Blogger Erica said...

Yup, definately, although I do have to go to the dentist the next day for erm...repairs...

26/9/05 22:09  
Blogger Hooch said...

good luck with that.

may your teeth remain in your mouth, and your temperament merry.

27/9/05 13:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this time I can make it....:)

27/9/05 22:17  
Blogger Hooch said...

very cool gnome. look foreward to seeing you. :)

28/9/05 11:39  

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