Friday, October 14, 2005

As Promised

Finally i've got enough time up my sleeve (Well, actually i should be working on my maths assignment) to give you the full update of this and last thusday:

I'll start from the beginning shall I?
Well, last week we (me, Dean, Erica, and Sean (from Astro) watched 2XJohn Safran's Music Jamborree episodes, some special features of said show, and then tuned into SBS for Wanderlust. Had heaps of fun, minimum spillage on the carpet (ie none, or i would not be here to tell the tale - and neither would the culprit). Then we turned off the box and sauntered downstairs to have hot drinks and fiddle with the poetry dog tags. This resulted in us picking out all the inuendoful (hey i just made a new word!) words and handing them to Erica, who created this gem:

oral treat after work
take some wicked passion
touch lips together now
get me good sloppy head boy
dive down under mama
consume my nectar
taste spicy skin
dare to pummel hard

What else can i say but to quote the old dwarfish pub song: gold gold gold gold gold! thankyou erica that was (and stil is) gold.

Last night saw us (Naomi, Will, Erica, Sean (from Astro), Beck, Dan, Beck (also from Astro), Dave (also from Astro), and me) with a change of scenery: we all gathered in the Gazebo, as our upstairs TV is broken at the mo. So i hooked up the DVD player to the downstairs (and somewhat smaller) TV... We didn't get started till 9.30, because mum wanted to watch house (yes, i know it's usually on a Wednesay, but for some reason channel 10 put it on Thursday as well this week). So after hanging in the loungeroom waiting for house to finish, and pigging out on 'Strawberry Mallows' (thanx Sean) and 'Probably Stale Donuts' (thanx Erica) we mad out way down stairs and glued our eyes to about four or five eposodes of 'Arrested Development' (thanx Beck).

to those who were there, all i can do is raise my hands in the air and say: STEVE HOLT!

much fun was had. hope to do it all again next week (if it's not on you'll hear from me)



Blogger Erica said...

Yay for DVD nights!

15/10/05 14:04  

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