Friday, September 30, 2005

THURSDAY 6th October

Unless i'm absolutely bulked down with homework (in which case, yes Dan, i'll do a ring-around)'s happening again this thurs:

6th Oct, my place, 8.30/9PMish.

We had a gruelling time of it last night... managed to get through both Dandenong's without falling asleep. as i've said in the comment below, i'd really forgotten what a lack of talent we had.... not matter, by esteem is shattered, and i'll never put you through it again (unless you want to, Dee!).....or at least, not until my next film.....(insert terrifying Jaws music here Da na Da na Da na, or possibly knife-stabbing music from Psycho Ra-ra Ra-ra). but that wont be for a while, so stress less my little tiny teddies.

so, apart from Dandenongs, we had a mix of things to watch. Some uni ppl (thanx Sean, James and Shoni) came over for Pizza, and then we watched the Tom Green Show (must have been boy-humour of something, cos the boys liked it, but it seemed pretty brain-dead to me). then Beck brought Arrested Development - one of those rare Gems in which American Humour is actually funny. and we watched a couple of episodes of that. then Dandenong's, followed by some never-before-seen footage of Will 'porning it up' on bass. followed by me dancing around in the foulest of 80s fashion (as one of Madonna's back-up dancers). three cheers for home video! then we watched 'wanderlust', or is it 'wonderlust', on SBS, which was a great way to top off the evening - (faux-)german tourist takes you around america on his whacky adventures.

well, i had a cool night, i hope everyone else did.

see you next week.


Blogger Hooch said...


am i the only one that checks this thing. (erica, i know you do as well, but sometimes it feels like i'm all alone).

c'mon ppl. post your thoughts, feelings, comment comment comment.

and please let me know if you're coming on thursday.

bye bye chickens.

2/10/05 13:58  
Blogger Hooch said...

nice to see ppl pay attention to me. the overwhelming flood on comments is boggling me eyeballs out of their wee sockets.

...yes, that was sarcasm! grrr.

2/10/05 21:49  
Anonymous Sud said...

It's amazing.
That motivational power of 3:53 AM.
Stupid parallel systems 5000 word report.
Stupider sud for starting it the day before it's due.
Stupider STILL for not going to Euge's kickass fests.
I'll try double to make it this week (Meaning I'll ask Carl hardcore).
I too've been thinking heaps about Aussie films and how film in general is essential in reflecting a country's culture. Despite this, I refuse to believe we live in America... Yet.
So keep up the Aussieploitation!

3/10/05 03:59  
Blogger Erica said...

I remember one unfortunate movie night at my house when Kristene and I chose "Freddie Got Fingered" at the video library...that has to be one of the worst and least funny movies ever made.

3/10/05 14:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

.....Daddy would you like some sausages?

3/10/05 21:03  
Blogger Erica said...

Is that you Luke...?

4/10/05 14:02  
Blogger AJ said...

The ellipses (plural of ellipsis?) say it all really...

Erica, I thought that comment could be from Luke too, so don't feel alone.

5/10/05 20:00  
Blogger Hooch said...

AJ, i think '...' is just one elipsis.

yes, the comment was very luke-esque. lukie are you there?
is anyone else going to own up to that comment? am i right in thinking it's a Freddie Got Fingered quote? (in which case of the people who've seen it, the boys will be rolling round the floor in hysterics while the girls will be rolling their eyes in exasperation).

7/10/05 16:54  
Blogger Hooch said...

with two 'l's of course, AJ.

7/10/05 16:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry about the confusion, it was actually me.

Will ('the not so popular as the other one' twin)

7/10/05 20:55  
Blogger Erica said...

You and Luke must share more than I thought then

7/10/05 23:00  
Blogger Hooch said...

you're both really just the one person anyway...

Q: what the difference between a duck?
A: one leg's both the same.

12/10/05 23:12  

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