Monday, October 10, 2005

The Ruling Class Say the Darndest Things

I found this in the Big Issue. it cracked me up, so i thought i'd share.

Moi marster, Marster, dassn't understand anything Oi say. Larst woik Oi was mucking out the stables an' Oi says to Marster, "Eee, Marster, dithent ee bampster oi beckon ray deen!" An' 'e says, "wot?", an Oi says, "Dithent ee bampster oi beckon ray deen!" An' 'e says, "Oi dassn't understan' ye." So Oi bampstered 'is beckon ray and the deen is baffin, an' withern sooie bamperstoul am prackser im prathen!

By David Nichols. Big Issue no.233, p.41

PS. don't worry if you don't get it....maybe it's just me.


Anonymous Anonymous said... dont make friends with salad!... dada da da da do dumm.


10/10/05 16:34  

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