Thursday, January 05, 2006

In response to Eug's question: A LOT!

Hi everyone. Happy New Year!
I, too, will recount my NYE over at my own blog, and I was actually going to do so yesterday but Blogger sabotaged me. After completing writing my blog, I pressed the PUBLISH POST button and Blogger replied "This blog is not known" (by way of a pop-up response) before deleting half of my rather large blog. Nevermind... :)

A quick shout out to all to ask what you are doing on both Thursday 26th January (Australia Day) and Friday 27th January, as I am off work for those two days which should be great.

If anyone is keen to see a movie or catch up, I would really love to do so, as I haven't seen you guys in ages... Please comment or email me.

Hear from you soon!
Seeya! :)


Blogger Hooch said...

sounds cool aj. the 26th, i'm up for anything.!!!! just let me know what you're planning and i'll be there!!! (do i need to add, within reason?)

xxxx mwa mwa xxx

6/1/06 19:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi AJ,

Would love to catch up with you on eaither of those days!

Let me know what the deal is..I am up for anything!



7/1/06 02:54  

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