Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thursday 16th Feb, ohsix

It's that time of year, and Host Scheme has come around again. This Thursday is the day of my Host Scheme Function. It promises to be hella cool: in the past HS functions have spawned such hella cool friends as Dean (of DVD night and Monash Philosophy fame), and even preceding that, another man we all know and love: Krishna; also, one hella cool chickadee of whom I have unforunately seen very little of late, but who contributed to my dreadlock-bedecked head all those years ago and can therefore not go without mention: Rachael. And we cannot forget that Erica met Crazy Carl at his HS function way back in 02 (or should that be 'ohtwo', AJ?).

HS - Bringing people together across suburban Melbourne. Does it get any cheesier than this?

But do not dispair! DVD night will still commence. The HS bbq is starting at 5pm. DVD night will commence at 8.30/9ish as per usual, and whosoever wishes to attend both may. So I guess what I'm saying is: if you're up for a barbie get your arse over to my house by 5pm. Otherwise I'll see you later on for some eye-squaring action in front of the box. Be prepared for it to be a little more populace than usual as the Jaffies will be invited to stay for the duration of the evening if they feel so inclined. Kubrick may be postponed for this week......we'll see how we go.

pls bring nibbles/drink and own meat if attending bbq, as per Aust Day.

pls let me know if you are coming or not, commenting below is fine.


Blogger Erica said...

Ahhh, Host Scheme BBQs. How faint that memory from twenty-oh-two is.

I shall endeavour to attend both BBQ and DVD night, depending what time school finishes Thursday, and will most likely come armed with a pavlova to use up egg whites left over from my homemade icecream endeavours of late.

And of course, what would a pavlova be without a delicious topping? What do the coolppl suggest? Where does your vote lie? There's the classic strawberries or kiwi fruit, the ever popular grated Peppermint Crisp, or perhaps a mixed fruit salad topping?

Submit your suggestions and cast your votes and my culinary hands shall deliver.

12/2/06 17:32  
Blogger Dee said...

ooo, eria, what a decission to open up for all of our input...

I do love berries, of all sorts. Grapes can be good too... or what about something new, maybe sliced and stewed nectorines.. just to make them soft and tender??

Im at the theatre till late, but i'll do my best to pop in ;)

Have a great week cool ppl!

13/2/06 18:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi-de-ho coolppl.

Just a little hello from Nowra, city of muttering drunk people. I have finally made the coast after so many mountains from Melbourne!

On my way to Cronulla now to see what I can do about starting a riot, purely as a social experiment...

Thankyou for the headscarf....I'm not sure that I'm being all that cool by using it as a sweatband, but I wear it every day all the same. Thanks Hooch.

Good to see Sammy as HS, my...I remember him as just a young whippersnapper.

Will post obscene photos when I get the chance. Byee!


14/2/06 12:23  
Blogger AJ said...

me + reading peppermint crisp + (incorrect use of first person pronoun) = mmmmmmm.

Will see if I can pop in on Thursday Hooch, after work. Much fun!

word verification: mifus

15/2/06 18:19  
Blogger Hooch said...

your fuss, eh, AJ? interesting. cool, would be great to see you if you can make it.

Pav sounds awesome Erica - I've always been partial to fruit topping, myself, and Dee's idea with the nectarine sounds yummy.

Carl! yay! fantastic to hear (read) from you. I look forward to hearing more of your adventures. as a matter of fact I was actually going to email you today, but as usual I got way-laid by other business. Please do post some obscene photos, can't wait to see them. :)

15/2/06 23:51  

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