Friday, March 31, 2006

2006 Alumni Lecture: 'Why David Hicks will not receive a fair trial come his day in Court'

Dear all,

I wondered if anyone would be interested in attending this FREE public lecture (Registration is required: with "Mori" in the subject line)

Thu 6 April 2006 6pm for 6:30pm
Melbourne Law School
The University of Melbourne
185 Pelham Street, Carlton

Major Mike Mori, as a US military appointment and defence lawyer, has surprised many with his damning condemnation of the legal process that faces alleged Australian terrorist David Hicks. This lecture will explain how the established rules and procedures have removed all the typical rights and protections that should be present in any justice system. Major Mori will detail up to date information on the proposed trial proceedings and also illustrate how David Hicks will be the subject of a show trial lacking the independent checks and balances of an established justice system.

I'm planning to attend. Please let me know, by way of Commenting (below).


Blogger Hooch said...

would love to come, but as i've said in a comment below, i think i'll be a Cotton Wool and Camphor that night. hope it's great (in an eerie and disturbing kind of way), i'm sure it will be informative. would love to catch the highlights from you at a later date.


3/4/06 10:28  

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