Sunday, March 12, 2006


What were you doing 10 years ago?
I would have just started year 8. 8c all the way! (except for that stupid project we had to do about the Olympics...I never did hand it in, but being the geek I was, I got away with it all the same.......geek and the fact that it wasn't even for a specific dumb is that!?)

What were you doing one year ago?
Started 4th year uni.....not much exciting stuff, really.

Five snacks you enjoy:
Chocolate (hey, you didn't say five DIFFERENT snacks!)

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
hmmm....I'm not even sure there are five. I'm hopeless at lyrics...I always get the verses around the wrong way. ...Not a very good way to be when you want to be a singer. Let's see,

- Listen to the rain (don't know who it's by)
- I Will Survive (I do both the Gloria Gaynore version - from the Priscilla sound track - and the Cake version - from Fashion Nugget) (but I confess the words are sometimes around the wrong way)
- Home and Away Theme song (well, what can I say, I am MAINSTREAM after all, right, Will?)
- the Harpic Add (hey Jen, do you remember when you stole this song off me in year 7 or 8 music and I was left to sing the Neighbours song which I stuffed up completely?)


- I'm in the Mood For Love (at least, I know the Lyrics that Casanunda sings in the Discworld Computer Game (I'm not sure if it's I or II, definately not Noir))

Five things you would do if you were a millionare:
- Pay off Mum's house (and maybe get it painted)
- Do up my car (hey, don't groan guys, it's my hypothetical million, I can do what I want with it)
- Paint Harmers
- Travel around the world (yeah, I know, everyone puts that one, but it's something I would do)
- Invest it.....probably in Real Estate or something (gotta love that broad term 'or something')

Five bad habits:
- Biting my nails
- Biting the skin around my nails (yeah, I know, gross)
- Procrastinating
- Staying up late (yeah, that's right, I even procrastinate about going to bed)
- Day Dreaming (yes, with a capital letter Aj)

Five things you would never wear, buy or get new again:
(note to Aj: I'm answering this with by interpretation of the ambigous sentence, but feel free to read it any way you like)
- First Year astronomy textbooks
- Op shop cloths (as in, I would never buy them new again.....kind of impossible really, but there you go)
- School uniform (except at a Host Scheme party)
- g-string (they're uncomfy)
- Answer another meme (I know I'm not wearing, buying or getting it, but it's starting to shit me so I thought I'd put it down anyway)

The meme stuff:
hey, call me a spoil sport, but I refuse to do the meme stuff.....refer to Erica's or Aj's blogs if you wanna comply.


Blogger Halliwell said...

It wasn't really 4th year was it? I thought it was third..
Dark chocolate is the only true chocolate and white shouldn't exhist.
so you are trying to tell us u don't know the words to the O.C come on u know u do.
That bloody car, it wouldn't need fixing if it were to stay on the black stuff.
Ummm your going to travel the world anyway, so u still haven't answered one question.
I would spend some money on a t.v. and a better radio for harmers.
Why is self mutalation a bad habit?
Thats right even procrastinating about getting up in the morning too. easily solved with loud music and stomping of feet.
G-strings are only uncomfy at the start, one does get used to them plus they are cheaper than granny pantys coz they require far less material.

13/3/06 23:22  
Blogger AJ said...

Whoa. James, that was definitely left-field.

Ahhh Phantom Planet. You see, I knew that song BEFORE The O.C.... (yes that's right people, there was such as thing as "Before the O.C.")

Great meme, Eug.
The Capitalisation for Day Dreaming was appropriate, however the lower case 'j' in 'Aj' irked me somewhat, unless of course you were meaning to pronounce it as ryhming with "Madge", instead of "Ay-Jay". hahahahahaha

Oh, and I LOVED that Olympics assignment. I think I still have it if you would like to see it :) :)

14/3/06 19:35  
Blogger Hooch said...

James - noto true, the less material it takes to make the underwear, the more expensive it gets.

Aj (lower case 'j' intended - irk irk!) - Firstly, pronounced to rhyme with 'age' not 'madge'. Secondly, No Thanks (caps intended) (re the olympics assignment (lowercase 'o' intended also))

14/3/06 23:46  
Blogger AJ said...

Ahhhhhh, good old 'age'. I forgot that option!!

If you ever change your Mind about The Assignment, you know Where to Find it.

15/3/06 20:00  
Anonymous Angie said...

I am with you all the way about G-Strings Eug! Give me granny pants any day (I don't care what you say James!!!)

Sorry I missed the Philosophy Movie - hope it was good!

Also missed your message about Friday night have been working all week at holiday care, working at a Primary School (totally love it!) and came home late and was stuffed!

Will be at Beck and Dan's this afternoon though so I will see you then!!

Love Ang Xxx

And AJ, There was a world before O.C and it was called Buffy and Dawson's Creek before then life didn't exist!!!

18/3/06 11:14  
Blogger Halliwell said...

what do you mean Left field?

Granny Undies are soooo ugly, just wear CLEAN normal ones guys don't care really.

What about Beverly Hills 90210??
The O.C is the new Dawson's and Dawson's was the new 90210. I don't know what 90210 took over from maybe 21 Jump Street.. im not sure.

I don't fully understand all this upper and Lower case caps thing going on, It's probably basic writing skills. Man primeary school sucks I learnt nuffing..

OoOoo OOOOhhh I got some hot goss for you Eugenie, well it happened on friday Night so it'S only just going stAle. I can'T get into details but Involves one of the Crew picking Up a chick from sweeden and her "Sleeping" oveR. I doN't kNow what happeNed so I caN't SaY..

Caps intended, just trying to keep in the theMe of things.

19/3/06 18:07  
Blogger Hooch said...

Yeah, the news was divulged on Saturday. and hella cool news it was. we're all v. proud/impressed!

20/3/06 16:13  

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