Sunday, March 05, 2006

new of mourning...who knows what awaits us?

Ok. I s'pose you're wondering what the title of this post is all about.

Well, to begin? I should just come right out and say it. Due to my honours study and our having only 1 TV (thus causing us to unintentionally invade the whole house, both upstairs and down, rather than just half) and Thursday occuring in the middle of mum's 3-day working week; I'm regrettably informing you that Thursdays at my place are going to be cut from weekly to monthly.

I'm now putting the call out there to any cool ppl who want to participate in the 'Thursday night thing'. If anyone wants to volunteer their house, then comment on this post and let me know. Even if someone else wants to do monthly as well, then we could work out a fortnightly thing between us (my place, two weeks, your place, two weeks, my place, etc).

So, there, I've said it. That's my boggle and my beef laid before you.

So starting from this Thursday (that's right baby weeklies are going out with a bang rather than a fizzle) I'm going to defer from Kubrick and bring you guys the much awaited TROPFEST 2006 which came curtesy with The Saturday Age yesterday.

So please, come along and we can discuss the who how where when of the next DVD night.

My place
8.30/9pmish, Thursday 9th March
pls bring a nibble or two

See you there.....!


Blogger Fanboy said...

Hey Uge, sad to hear that. However, I will be more willing to offer my house for use on Thursdays. The fortnighly thing could work quite well, two weeks your house, then two weeks my house. We could talk about it on Thursday to wich I promised to attend. C ye.


5/3/06 16:10  
Blogger AJ said...

You have all been tagged to write a MEME. Please see for details...


5/3/06 16:18  
Blogger Dee said...


see you there, its the place to be xx

6/3/06 22:04  
Blogger Erica said...

I'm also quite happy to offer my house. It's not as cool as your house Eug, and my parents don't offer as much entertainment, but there is always wine and cooking. In fact, if you and Rob host every second week then I could host the weeks in between. Or something like that.

I may or may not be there tomorrow, it depends on how much homework I have and whether or not I go and watch the Goons play. I shall let you know tomorrow!

8/3/06 22:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrew, the asian 'one', will be attending the DVD night tomorrow

Shall see you tomorrow

8/3/06 22:51  
Blogger Hooch said...

you guys all rock. as did the DVD night. let get organised and have another....!

11/3/06 18:21  

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