Saturday, March 04, 2006

Beck and Dan's Going Away Party Type Thing

It's less than three weeks until we leave the country. I have been fairly lazy about getting the invitation thingys out so have decided to blog and hope people will see this.
Saturday the 18th of March at My House
People may turn up at any time as long as it's after 2pm.
It's not so much of a party as a 'drop in and say goodbye and perhaps have a coffee and some cake' type thing.
Anyhoo just come along because we want to see everyone before we go and it's a chance to make sure we have contact details so you know what we're doing and we know what you're doing (if you want us to know).
For further information call of email me at boo underscore beckk at hotmail dot com


Blogger Dee said...

Cool, I love coffee and cake... and you guys! 3 weeks, how brilliantly exciting, see you on the 18th if not before x

4/3/06 23:11  
Blogger Hooch said...

i'll be you already know

5/3/06 14:29  

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